Where are GIVI MISURE instruments produced?

The entire production takes place in Italy, at the headquarter based in Nova Milanese. In the same plant there are also the structures dedicated to R&D, Engineering, Testing and Certification, to guarantee the constant monitoring of production.

Why should I use GIVI MISURE products?

In GIVI MISURE you will find the Italian traditional quality combined with the high technological standards of the most modern and global companies. The speed of order fulfillment, combined with the complete customization even of the single piece, guarantees a very high and customer-oriented service with an excellent value for money.

Can GIVI MISURE instruments be used instead of similar products?

GIVI MISURE products are interchangeable with the main instruments available on the market, often without the need for any mechanical modification by the manufacturer.

Do you offer a Technical Support?

Our customer is never alone. Our clients are accompanied step by step, since the designing phase, from the project definition up to the assistance in the implementation phase. The after-sales service provides for assistance by our technicians for any kind of event, including maximum speed in repairing and/or replacing damaged products. Thanks to the technical traceability system, in a few seconds the customer can verify all data and characteristics of the single instrument and download the specific manuals, technical datasheets and the metrological certificate. In the same page, the user can also check for the warranty information and contact our Technical Support.

Are there minimum order quantities?

No. The complete in-house production line and the possibility of customization allow us to manage any quantity of products in each order, including the single piece.

What is the average delivery time?

Our production system is designed to allow a very fast assemblying of our instruments, even in case of special configurations, and this turns out in extremely short delivery times. Our average orders processing time varies from few hours (in case of urgency due to a machine downtime) to few weeks for large batches.

How can I find out if GIVI MISURE has the right tool for my needs?

Our Sales Engineers are ready to support the customer in identifying the right istrument.

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