GVS 908

GVS 908

Absolute optical scale for large machines

  • Absolute optical scale, available in a single piece or in modular version for large machines (up to 30040 mm of measuring length or higher on request).
  • Application in various industrial fields such as machine tools, vertical lathes, gantry machines, laser/plasma cutting machines, robotics, automation, etc.
  • Stainless steel grating, integral with the machine guide, for an excellent accuracy at any temperature.
  • Serial interface SSI-BiSS C (unidirectional), with or without 1 Vpp analog signal, and FANUC α-αi. Direct reading of absolute measure.
  • Resolutions up to 0.1 μm. Accuracy grade ± 5 μm.
  • Rigidly bound modules, for a perfect seal against liquids and environmental dirty, unaltered over time.
  • Adjustable cable output, through double connector.
  • Wide alignment tolerances.
  • Pressurization from both sides of the scale and/or of the transducer.

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    Rigidly bound modules for a perfect seal,
    unalterable over time.
    Up to 30040 mm of measuring length.
    Self-guided and self-aligning reader head (internal);
    constant signal quality
    (serial interface + 1 Vpp on request).

    T block for the elastic fixing of the modules.
    Scale and grating thermal expansion
    independent from each other

    Exclusive grating support and guide system.
    Wide alignment tolerances of the modules.
    High-accuracy micro-engraved absolute stainless
    steel grating (double track, absolute and incremental).
    Resolution up to 0.1 µm.
    Pressurization from both sides of the
    scale and/or of the transducer.
    Non-extendible sealing lips,
    fixed at the lateral ends.

    Grating calibration. Max. accuracy grade ± 5 µm.
    Block for fixing the grating to the machine. Linear
    thermal expansion
    suitable for the application.
    PUR cable suitable for continuous movements.
    Double connector. Adjustable cable output.
    Gaskets for circuit protection (IP 67).
    Brackets for sliding and fixing the
    transducer in the correct position.
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