Riga ottica incrementaleRiga ottica incrementale
GVS 400

GVS 400

Incremental optical scale for various applications

  • Small overall dimensions. Rugged and heavy profile with a wide cross-section. Dimensions 39×23 mm.
  • Resolutions up to 0.1 μm. Accuracy grade ± 5 μm.
  • Four sealing lips made of special elastomer resistant to oil and wearing, for an excellent protection of the grating.
  • In modular version for measuring lengths over 6,500 mm, or for lower measuring lengths on request.
  • Reference indexes at constant step, in central position or in different positions at request.
  • Wide alignment tolerances.
  • High stability of LINE DRIVER signals.
  • Armored connecting cable without external connections. Connector inside the transducer.
  • Linear thermal expansion coefficient λ = 10.6 x 10-6 °C-1 suitable for the application.
  • Full possibility to disassemble and reassemble the scale.
  • Protected against inversion of power supply polarity and short circuits on output ports.

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