Riga ottica incrementaleRiga ottica incrementale
GVS 200

GVS 200

Self-aligned incremental optical scale, with glass grating

  • Optical incremental scale with glass measuring support, particularly suitable for applications on synchronized press brakes.
  • Reader head guided by a self-aligned and self-cleaning sliding carriage with spring system.
  • Resolution up to 0.1 μm.
  • Accuracy grade ± 2.5 μm in the standard version and ± 1 μm in the high-accuracy version.
  • Metrological certificate provided with each scale.
  • Reference indexes at coded distance or selectable every 10 mm along the entire measuring length, with Zero Magneto Set device.
  • The adjustable cable output and the selectable zero references make the scale SYMMETRIC and applicable to both columns of the press brake.
  • Safety limit switches, positionable at both ends.
  • Sealing lips for the protection of the grating, made of special elastomer resistant to oil and wearing.
  • Various possibilities of application, with double-effect joint or steel wire. An adapter guarantees the compatibility with PBS-HR scale.
  • High accuracy and stability of signals even in case of high speed, strong accelerations and vibrations.
  • Moulded M12 connector (IP 67) or other models on request.
  • Protected against inversion of power supply polarity and short circuits on output ports.

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    0.1 μm Max. resolution
    ± 1 μm Max. accuracy grade
    0.2 μm Max. backlash error
    Metal double-carriage.
    Elastic compensation of mechanical backlashes.
    Gaskets for circuit protection (IP 67).
    Sealing lips resistant to oil and wearing.
    Self-blocking special profile.
    Scale or slider pressurization.
    Tempered and grinded steel guides for carriage sliding.
    Ball bearings with gothic arc profile. High precision and translation straightness of the carriage.
    PUR cable, suitable for continuous movements. Easily adjustable cable output.
    Moulded M12 connector (IP 67) or other models on request.
    Interchangeable to PBS-HR scale with GV-PB adapter.
    Various possibilities of connection to the machine, through double-effect joint or steel wire.
    Glass optical grating for the incremental reading.
    Limit switch on request.
    Zero Magneto Set for the selection of the reference index (one index every 10 mm).
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