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GVS 202 S

The new incremental optical scale for synchronized press brakes is now available, with stainless steel grating.

The line of GIVI MISURE incremental optical scales has been expanded with the new GVS 202 S model that, thanks to its characteristics, ensures maximum reliability and accuracy, making it particularly suitable for application on synchronized press brakes.

The self-aligned incremental optical scale GVS 202 S mounts a stainless steel grating which gives this instrument an extreme mechanical resistance that, combined with a thermal expansion suitable for the application, ensures a constant accuracy at any temperature.

The presence of environmental dirt or dust does not affect the functionality of the optical scale GVS 202 S. In fact, it is equipped with a transducer guided by a self-aligned and self-cleaning sliding carriage with spring system.

The lack of friction in the movements of the reader head (without contact) determines a significant extension of the useful life of the instrument.

The scale is also characterized by a remarkable accuracy and stability of signals, even in the presence of high speeds, accelerations and high vibrations.

With resolutions up to 0.1 μm, GVS 202 S optical scale can reach a measuring length of 30,000 mm, in modular version.

Like all GIVI MISURE instruments, the incremental optical scale GVS 202 S is supplied with a metrological certificate and it is available in the standard version (accuracy grade ± 2.5 μm) or high-accuracy version (accuracy grade ± 1 μm).

Read here the technical features and the instruction manuals of the scale.